Maintaining Chicago Backyards

Oct 13

In terms of your backyard, if you should be lucky enough to have a backyard that is bigger than the standard 8×12 backyard of the overpopulated American suburbia these days, it should not be that hard to maintain the smallest yards in the world.  These lawns are so small that I hesitate to even use the word ‘yard.’  Perhaps, layers of sod with a wooden fence surrounding it would be more accurate.

Either way, mowing these yards should not take that long.  Maybe, because of your lawn’s proximity to your neighbor’s fence, you might have to invest in a weed wacker in order to get those patches of grass that are really super close to the fence, too close for a regular-sized mower to reach. Otherwise, plants—especially potted plants that can be easily moved around the yard and almost always look nice—and other things can be put in the backyard to cover up areas that you would normally mow over.

It is important to keep in mind that you are maintaining this backyard for two-and-half reasons.  Firstly, it will look nice, not just to you, but to any guests that you bring over and may want to impress with your landscaping skills.  Lastly, every neighborhood has at least one nosey one.  And, with your luck, they might live right next to you.  This neighbor will undoubtedly, at first, ask you nicely to clean your law.  You will either abide by this request, ignore them, or tell them to mind their own business.  Either way, this individual will persist until either you do something about your backyard or your neighbor will bring your HOA, or Landowner’s Association, into this.  This could result in either you having to pay a fine and mow your backyard.  Or, if you refuse to comply with this absurd neighborhood governing board, you could be asked to move, or somehow forced to leave the neighborhood.  Then, it will just get uglier from there with lawyers and everyone in the neighborhood will spite you. Instead of paying an arm or a leg later, hire a Chicago Landscaper today.

You could even make it easier on yourself and get an above ground pool and/or a hot tub to put in your backyard.  These things may not be as aesthetically pleasing as a well-groomed yard, and it may make your neighbors be jealous and try to obnoxiously become your friend until you let them use these half-baked swimming pools.  Why do this?  Not because it will help you make friends, but because the presence of this super heavy duty above ground structure will kill whatever semblance of grass you have still living in your backyard.  

The little bit of grass that is either still alive or not covered up by a hot tub and/or above ground pool, you can either choose to mow these spaces, or plant plants in these places or potted plants over these areas, which will both look aesthetically nice and allow you not have to do nearly any yard work, which is really just a win-win for everyone.  

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