The Ultimate Regret

Aug 18

While murder trends for the U.S. have been steadily decreasing over time, there is still much to be done in the efforts to minimize events of homicide to as infrequent as possible. Murder can be defined as the unlawful killing of another human being. This vicious act against the natural order of life is a serious offense, and our criminal justice system has many protocols in place for when these offenses occur. The United States Department of Justice published a series of data, in which they gave a detailed analysis of homicidal events. Through careful examination and lack of bias, judges are able to come to a conviction decision that will alter the life of the defendant entirely. In a perfect world humans would not murder each other, but in this existence, we are faced with the responsibility of creating an environment where we honor life rather than take it.

Violent outbreaks that lead to the murder of an individual occur every day. Typically murder cases are categorized by the intentions of the murderer and whether or not their actions were premeditated. A murder charge is without a doubt crippling to the reputation and usual life of the defendant. The DoJ released statistics that claim, “in 2013, the estimated number of murders in the nation was 14,196”. Thankfully, due to the rigorous efforts of organizations and government agencies, murder rates have fallen over the years. As of 2016, the United States murder rate was at its lowest in decades. Interestingly though at the beginning of 2017, the U.S. began to experience a rise in murder cases per capita. In the event that an individual finds themselves as a suspect in a homicidal case, they would be well advised to seek a Milwaukee Homicide Defense attorney in order to greatly raise their chances of surviving the court systems rigorous trial. Murder is an ominous subject for many. It is difficult for most people to even comprehend the actions it must take to take another person’s life. A murderer is usually someone who suffers from the trauma of their own, and due to a various pool of possibilities has been triggered to the point that they become capable of dark actions that result in the taking of life. By murdering someone else they usually murder their own freedom, surrendering to the law and its authorities.

In conclusion, murder is an extremely heavy topic that must be examined from every viewpoint in order to justly process each case so that the victim and their family can experience justice. As with any subject, murder is alike in that there are multiple factors that give insight into motivation and technique. Thankfully with the decline in murder cases overall, one can envision a future that is free of the sorrows of killing fellow species members. This glimmer of hope could suggest that in the coming future murder could be handled appropriately. With the rise of new generations that are now raised on resolving issues through open communication and empathy perhaps the hope for a murder free future is no longer considered science fiction.

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