Some Facts about Car Accidents

Oct 18

A number of individuals, who have always been inclined to question all accepted opinions (skeptics as they are called), doubt the veracity of the story which says that in 1895 there were only two cars in the state of Ohio . . . and these collided into each other.

This story appears in two separate posts: in the November 24, 1967 issue of the Life Magazine, and in a website called AF&G All Fun and Games (where over 1,900 useless, though fun and true, facts on almost about anything in the United States are either mentioned or discussed).

Other than the story above, here are additional facts relating to car accidents that are worth mentioning:

  • The first traffic fatality occurred in 1899. It involved a man in NYC who was killed by a car;
  • In 1902, Baker Torpedo, the first electric car that enclosed both the driver and the platform in its aerodynamic body was taken for a speed test. It went as fast as 80 mph before crashing and
  • killing two spectators;
  • In Sweden, on September 3, 1967, a legislation that was passed in 1963, which ordered a switch to right-hand traffic, took effect. Contrary to what so many said that the switch is murderous, highway fatalities, surprisingly dropped over 50%. How? Everyone drove carefully – both hands were kept on the wheel, both eyes were focused on the road and nobody wanted to fight for the way;
  • In the U.S., analysis of fatal car crashes show almost consistently that the more cars there are on the road, the more accidents and fatalities there are too; and,
  • A study conducted by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) on car crashes show that at least 90% of the millions of accidents occurring every year are due to driver error or driver fault which include drunk-driving (which is the leading cause of car accidents), reckless driving, overspeeding and distracted driving.

Law firms all across the U.S. that handle personal injury or car accident cases, the Hankey Law Office is one example, know for a fact that, to a victim, a car accident can mean trauma, painful injuries, damaged property, costly medical treatment and, probably, lost wages (if the victim is employed) due to the required period for recovery or rehabilitation.

The unexpected financial concerns due to the injury and the need to make the liable driver realize the importance of observing road safety rules make it necessary for a car accident victim to pursue a legal action to be able to claim compensation and to remind the at fault driver of his/her legal duty on the road.

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File an SR-22 Fast and Easy and Right in the Comfort or Your Home

Sep 15

There is a special type of insurance, called the SR-22, which may be required of drivers under certain circumstances. These circumstances include a driver being:

• Issued a license suspension or revocation;
• Cited for reckless driving or Driving under the influence (DUI);
• Cited for multiple traffic violations within just one year;
• Involved in an accident without auto insurance; or,
• Caught driving without auto liability insurance.

Any of these circumstances can result to a driver having his or her license suspended or revoked and the only way to immediately restore his or her license and driving privileges is by filing an SR-22.

An SR-22 is actually just a form or a certificate which a car insurance company is required to send to a state’s Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) to indicate that the person, whose license has been suspended, already has the required insurance coverage. For uninsured drivers, filing an SR-22 is not so easy to obtain since this cannot be filed unless they first purchase an auto insurance policy. Another burden for them is that, besides having to purchase an insurance policy, which they considered too costly before, being required to file an SR-22 will still make insurance coverage more expensive for them because, this time, their chosen insurance firm will tag them as “high-risk” drivers, that is, drivers who are more likely to get involved in an accident.

The requirement to carry an SR-22 filing usually lasts for three years; for DUI cases, though, a judge may extend it to five years. This means 36 months or 3 years of having to pay more expensive premiums – a real strain on their budget, more so if it is extended to five years.

While insurance firms find means to make policies more expensive, this will not be the case if you make your SR-22 filing with an independent car insurance company. By being independent, these car insurance firms are able to help and protect customers’ interests rather than insurance providers’ interests.

According to the website of Second Gear Magazine, with some independent car insurance firms, all you need to do is ask for free SR-22 quotes on line. After receiving and choosing from as many as a dozen free car insurance quotes you have the option to purchase the policy (that meets your needs, your state’s codes, and your budget) and make your SR-22 filing through this independent firm. Once you make your payment, the firm will submit your SR-22 certificate to your car insurance provider which, in turn, will send it to the Secretary of State electronically. As soon as it is accepted, you will get a copy of the certificate from your insurer. It is important to note that if you let your coverage lapse for any reason, or if you cancel your policy before at least 3 years have passed, your license will become suspended all over again.

No car insurance firm, other than independent ones, will be able to get you insured and have an SR-22 filing within minutes, without hassle and with no paperwork. You can even do everything right in the comfort of your home.

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Electronic Stability Control System – Giving Vehicles Greater Stability

Jan 29

The US Department of Transportation’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reports close to 10,000 deaths and more than 24,000 cases of serious injuries (every year) due to rollover accidents. Rollover accidents register the second highest number of deaths and grave injuries; the first is by head-on collisions.

A rollover accident can involve any type of vehicle, but most especially: vehicles that have tires that are worn out as these easily lose traction; those that have a greater tendency to oversteer, or turn farther than it was meant, or understeer, that is, turn lesser that intended; and, SUVs due to their design of having a higher center of gravity from the ground.

To lower occurrences of rollover accidents some car manufacturers now design their vehicles with a modern safety device, called the Electronic Stability Control (ESC). This safety device consists of sensors that are able to detect loss of vehicle control; upon detection, the device automatically applies brakes on the appropriate wheel to enable the driver to regain vehicle control and put it back on track. Besides this, ESC also: gives the vehicle greater stability, especially during abrupt turns; reduces risks of oversteering and understeering; improves traction on icy and slippery pavements; and, increases vehicle control on gravel patches and road shoulders.

Aside from SUVs, pick-ups and vans also have a center of gravity that is farther from the ground, thus, making these more prone to rollover. The risk of rolling over, however, becomes much higher in fully occupied 15-passenger vans because as more passengers get inside it the higher its center of gravity becomes. Placing heavy cargo inside or on its roof further raises its center of gravity, which increases all the more its risk of tipping over easily on sharp, emergency turns. This is due to the fact that the combined weight of passengers and cargo greatly reduces the vehicle’s stability, resulting to its increased tendency to oversteer.

To make sure that a van remains stable, the NHTSA issues these safety precautions: ask passengers (if there are only a few) to occupy the front seats, which are frontward the vehicle’s rear axle; and, avoid loading heavy cargo on the roof or inside the vehicle, else, make sure that the weight of the cargo does not go above the vehicle’s maximum safe load or that the cargo’s weight is equally distributed inside the van.

Rollover accidents have already injured or taken the lives of many individuals in the past, dramatically changing victims’ and their family’s lives. Though no amount of monetary compensation will undo any harm already done, it can provide victims the financial help to meet the resulting effects of injuries or death. For the best legal action that will allow victims or their families to seek and receive the full amount of compensation allowed under the law, it is best that victims are represented by top caliber personal injury lawyers, who will be able to assist them pursue such legal act.

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