Collaborative Divorce: Is It The Best Option?

Sep 01

Collaborative Divorce: Is It The Best Option?

In today’s world, it is not unusual for couples to end their marriage amicably. This has been made possible by collaborative divorce – a process where both parties work together to reach an agreement concerning the division of assets, spousal support, and family law issues like child custody and parenting arrangements.

If you’re considering this option but are uncertain whether or not it would be best for your situation, make sure to read on!

How Does Collaborative Divorce Work?

The collaborative process works through five steps that the U.S. Department of Justice outlines:

Preliminary consultation: in this step, the divorcing couple meets with a collaborative law attorney to talk about how they want their divorce settlement to look. The focus of this meeting is on what both parties agree on and not so much on the dispute areas.

Creating an engagement agreement: this is where the couple will sign a written contract stating their commitment to try and settle all disputes without going to court.

The agreement should include descriptions of all the steps that will be taken and a timeline for when to schedule future meetings.

Negotiating a settlement: once the contract is signed, the couple can work together to agree on how property will be divided and custody arrangements for any children involved.

A collaborative law attorney like Marshall & Taylor will also be there to guide both parties through the negotiation process.

Drafting the agreement: a collaborative law attorney will work with the couple to draft an agreement that is fair and equitable.

The agreement is then reviewed and signed by both parties. If they agree on all the terms mentioned in it, they proceed with the fifth step.

Completing the agreement and finalizing the divorce: once an agreement has been reached, it will be finalized with a court order. You can then proceed with the legal steps required for a divorce, including changing your name and getting an official copy of your new court order.

Keep these points in mind and decide accordingly whether this is something you want to go for or not.

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Unique Ways to Prevent Fall Accidents in Nursing Homes

Sep 01

Unique Ways to Prevent Fall Accidents in Nursing Homes

Imagine a nursing home that is full of hazards. The floors are slippery, the railings are loose, and even the walls don’t have adequate handrail support! It’s no wonder why so many people fall when they enter this nursing home. They may not be able to get up independently without assistance from staff members or other residents.

And it doesn’t stop there; these nursing homes aren’t just hazardous for those who live here, but also for visitors such as family and friends who come visit. This blog post will discuss what you can do to prevent falls in your loved one’s new home and how to sue if an accident does happen!

If you’re reading this and have a loved one who is about to move into a nursing home, you must be aware of the risks. One way you can prevent falls in these homes is by looking for features like grab bars or railings on both sides of stairs, so people will be able to hold onto something while walking down.

Another suggestion would be to look at the flooring material, as carpet squares should not exceed six inches in height (though some may find this too short).

These are just two ideas, but there are many more ways! For example, patients could wear socks with rubber grips on their feet or buy non-slip mats from stores if they want extra protection against slipping around inside their new home.

The nursing home is responsible to their residents and visitors to make the environment as safe as possible. If someone does fall, it could be considered negligence on the part of the staff members who neglected to provide appropriate safety measures or warn others about these risks – and this can lead us to why you should sue if an accident happens!

If your loved one is injured because of a hazard like slippery floors in a hospital caused by negligent maintenance practices, they may have grounds for suing. When filing suit against nursing homes, make sure you hire an excellent personal injury lawyer like Caffee Law Firm who can represent your case in the court and make the party responsible for your loved one’s injuries pay for their mistakes.

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Important Things About Uninsured Motorist Claims In NJ Area

Aug 19

Important Things About Uninsured Motorist Claims In NJ Area

New Jersey witnesses tens of thousands of people hitting the road every day. With so many people on the road, the chances of accidents are always high. This is the reason why all motorists are required to take underinsured and uninsured motorist coverage. There is no alternative to these policies as the government has made it compulsory for every vehicle owner to have them. The minimum coverage amount of these policies is as follows:

  • $15,000 for injuries covering one person
  • $30,000 for injuries of all the passengers present in the car at the time of the accident
  • $5,000 for any damage to the car

Importance of Uninsured Motorist Coverage:

Usually, when you meet with an accident due to another party’s fault, you can sue them and get compensation to cover your medical bills and car repair expenses. However, there are times when the car driver who’s at fault doesn’t have enough insurance coverage to pay the compensation you demand. The uninsured motorist claims play a critical role in such cases. 

About 15% of motorists in the New Jersey area are either underinsured or uninsured. If they crash into another vehicle and cause damages, practically, it’s not possible for them to compensate for the losses incurred. Uninsured motorist claims can help them in situations like these. Some common examples of situations where uninsured motorist claims come handy are:

  • When the party responsible for the accident doesn’t have an insurance policy
  • If the insurance company of the party responsible for the accident denies coverage
  • If the insurance coverage of the party responsible for the accident goes bankrupt
  • If the driver flees from the accident spot after a hit-and-run accident case

If you find yourself dealing with any of the above-mentioned scenarios, then it’s better to take the help of and file for uninsured motorist claim without wasting any time. It’s the easiest and smoothest way to recover your expenses related to medical bills and the vehicle repair cost in the New Jersey area.

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Maintaining Chicago Backyards

Oct 13

In terms of your backyard, if you should be lucky enough to have a backyard that is bigger than the standard 8×12 backyard of the overpopulated American suburbia these days, it should not be that hard to maintain the smallest yards in the world.  These lawns are so small that I hesitate to even use the word ‘yard.’  Perhaps, layers of sod with a wooden fence surrounding it would be more accurate.

Either way, mowing these yards should not take that long.  Maybe, because of your lawn’s proximity to your neighbor’s fence, you might have to invest in a weed wacker in order to get those patches of grass that are really super close to the fence, too close for a regular-sized mower to reach. Otherwise, plants—especially potted plants that can be easily moved around the yard and almost always look nice—and other things can be put in the backyard to cover up areas that you would normally mow over.

It is important to keep in mind that you are maintaining this backyard for two-and-half reasons.  Firstly, it will look nice, not just to you, but to any guests that you bring over and may want to impress with your landscaping skills.  Lastly, every neighborhood has at least one nosey one.  And, with your luck, they might live right next to you.  This neighbor will undoubtedly, at first, ask you nicely to clean your law.  You will either abide by this request, ignore them, or tell them to mind their own business.  Either way, this individual will persist until either you do something about your backyard or your neighbor will bring your HOA, or Landowner’s Association, into this.  This could result in either you having to pay a fine and mow your backyard.  Or, if you refuse to comply with this absurd neighborhood governing board, you could be asked to move, or somehow forced to leave the neighborhood.  Then, it will just get uglier from there with lawyers and everyone in the neighborhood will spite you. Instead of paying an arm or a leg later, hire a Chicago Landscaper today.

You could even make it easier on yourself and get an above ground pool and/or a hot tub to put in your backyard.  These things may not be as aesthetically pleasing as a well-groomed yard, and it may make your neighbors be jealous and try to obnoxiously become your friend until you let them use these half-baked swimming pools.  Why do this?  Not because it will help you make friends, but because the presence of this super heavy duty above ground structure will kill whatever semblance of grass you have still living in your backyard.  

The little bit of grass that is either still alive or not covered up by a hot tub and/or above ground pool, you can either choose to mow these spaces, or plant plants in these places or potted plants over these areas, which will both look aesthetically nice and allow you not have to do nearly any yard work, which is really just a win-win for everyone.  

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The Ultimate Regret

Aug 18

While murder trends for the U.S. have been steadily decreasing over time, there is still much to be done in the efforts to minimize events of homicide to as infrequent as possible. Murder can be defined as the unlawful killing of another human being. This vicious act against the natural order of life is a serious offense, and our criminal justice system has many protocols in place for when these offenses occur. The United States Department of Justice published a series of data, in which they gave a detailed analysis of homicidal events. Through careful examination and lack of bias, judges are able to come to a conviction decision that will alter the life of the defendant entirely. In a perfect world humans would not murder each other, but in this existence, we are faced with the responsibility of creating an environment where we honor life rather than take it.

Violent outbreaks that lead to the murder of an individual occur every day. Typically murder cases are categorized by the intentions of the murderer and whether or not their actions were premeditated. A murder charge is without a doubt crippling to the reputation and usual life of the defendant. The DoJ released statistics that claim, “in 2013, the estimated number of murders in the nation was 14,196”. Thankfully, due to the rigorous efforts of organizations and government agencies, murder rates have fallen over the years. As of 2016, the United States murder rate was at its lowest in decades. Interestingly though at the beginning of 2017, the U.S. began to experience a rise in murder cases per capita. In the event that an individual finds themselves as a suspect in a homicidal case, they would be well advised to seek a Milwaukee Homicide Defense attorney in order to greatly raise their chances of surviving the court systems rigorous trial. Murder is an ominous subject for many. It is difficult for most people to even comprehend the actions it must take to take another person’s life. A murderer is usually someone who suffers from the trauma of their own, and due to a various pool of possibilities has been triggered to the point that they become capable of dark actions that result in the taking of life. By murdering someone else they usually murder their own freedom, surrendering to the law and its authorities.

In conclusion, murder is an extremely heavy topic that must be examined from every viewpoint in order to justly process each case so that the victim and their family can experience justice. As with any subject, murder is alike in that there are multiple factors that give insight into motivation and technique. Thankfully with the decline in murder cases overall, one can envision a future that is free of the sorrows of killing fellow species members. This glimmer of hope could suggest that in the coming future murder could be handled appropriately. With the rise of new generations that are now raised on resolving issues through open communication and empathy perhaps the hope for a murder free future is no longer considered science fiction.

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Dangers in Products: Asbestos and Morcellators

Jul 19

It takes years of research and big funding before a pharmaceutical company finally comes up with a particular drug or product that will serve as a safe and effective treatment to a certain health condition. And before such drug or product becomes available in the market the U.S. Food and Drug Administration will need convincing results, proven through a series of tests funded by the pharmaceutical company itself, that it will provide safe and effective treatment.

Though it is highly important that medical products are efficient, their safety is of greater priority. This is why pharmaceutical companies can be held legally liable and mandated by courts to compensate those harmed by any medicine and/or pharmaceutical items that they produce which will be proven unsafe and the cause of severe medical conditions or death in some patients, instead of providing cure.

Over the past years a number of health products from giant pharmaceuticals have been linked to the development of either severe or life-threatening complications in patients. One example product is the morcellator, a medical device which, according to the law firm Williams Kherkher, is used to remove fibroids or other noncancerous growths during a hysterectomy or a myomectomy. Morcellators, however, are no longer uniformly recognized as safe and effective medical devices to perform these procedures.

Recently, the pharmaceutical company Johnson & Johnson recalled three of its power morcellators—the Morcellex Sigma, the Gynecare Morcellex, and the Gynecare X-Tract—following study results that demonstrated a significant correlation between the use of the devices and cancer growth. Due to this, morcellator lawsuits attorneys  are now investigating claims regarding the use of morcellators and cancer growth.

An equally dangerous cancer-causing product is asbestos, a highly elastic substance that is electricity, chemical, fire and heat resistant. It had earned the name “miracle substance” due to its superb characteristics, abundance, usefulness and cheapness. This special substance became widely used during the mid of the 20th century, usually mixed with other substances to make cement, generators, turbines, boilers, steam pipes, brakes and clutches, insulators, gaskets, hot water piping, furniture, appliances, construction materials and many other different things.

Asbestos’ remarkable usefulness made it a substance used in many parts of the globe. Many different types of workers have also been regularly exposed to it, including construction workers, electricians, firefighters, plumbers, processing plant workers, miners, shipyard workers, auto workers, machinists and many others.

The dangers presented by asbestos, especially lung damage, have been discovered as early as 1964; however, it was not until after the 1990s that its use was banned, but only in some countries. By 2002, as many as 730,000 asbestos lawsuits had been filed and about 8,400 companies sued by former employees whose works had direct and regular exposure to asbestos.



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Property Owners and Dog Biting Accidents

Jul 19

You are casually walking in a sidewalk in your neighborhood when a dog from one of the houses escapes his leash and attacks you. The accident results into injury and you undeservedly miss some time at work. This scenario definitely falls under premises liability.

According to the website of the Sampson Law Firm, property owners who have failed to make their premises safe may be held liable if accidents and injuries have occurred. The legal concept of premises liability focuses on the recklessness, negligence, and incompetence of property owners, and this includes owners who have dogs in their premises.

A dog attack can result into various damages, such as the medical costs of treating the injury sustained, the lost wages from missing time at work due to injury, the possibility of sustaining permanent damage such as scarring, the emotional and psychological implications of being involved in a traumatic event such as an animal attack, and on certain instances, death.

These damages have their respective financial equivalents, and when you think about it, the victims don’t really deserve to experience them, just because a negligent property owner has failed to properly leash his dog. A premises liability case aims to make the property owner financially accountable for the damages.

But what can a property owner do to prevent dog bites? There are many safety measures he can enforce on his property, as explained in the website of Spiros Law, P.C.:

·       Having an enclosure – The dog should be enclosed in an area where it cannot reach others

·       Informing guests – Visitors should be informed that there is a dog in the property, as an extra precaution

·       Encouraging good behavior – The dog should be grown or trained knowing good behavior, especially toward people

·       Restraining – The dog should be restrained in a leash and properly tethered whenever necessary

However, it is also important to point out that the property owners are not just the ones who should be responsible. They just take the bigger responsibility, but visitors and passersby also have the responsibility of staying away from dogs and not provoking them.

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